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The Mo Radio Show
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<p>Ok, so I am Mo. Born and raised in Cleveland. Before radio I was a drywall hanger and basically said screw this, radio is much more fun. People have always told me that everyone should hear some of the crap that comes from mouth. Apparently I am interesting, but honestly I don't see it. I am just me. Basically my show is talking about anything that matters and taking a lot of phone calls. I am honest and that is a good thing. I am sick of people being afraid to tell the truth and am even more sick of people who can't handle it. I have been doing radio for about 10 years. I have had number 1 shows in Nashville, Oklahoma City, Louisville Kentucky, and now here in Canton. If you have not heard the show, check it out. 5:30am-10am M - F. I am sure you will enjoy it. I can tell you this much, there is nobody doing what I do in the city, so at least it is a change from the norm. I am the type of guy who truly appreciates the fact that people dig what I have to say, so if you see out some where, usually a bar. Say hey and I will buy ya a shot. That's about it.</p>